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tv   [untitled]    July 28, 2013 10:30am-10:40am PDT

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hearing my voice y.thank you for all the people who have an organization, who are very out front and vocal for this important cause and also those who do not attend the rallies but also have their way of enter taining the status quo. this is an important piece of legislation that we are passing. this is a great day for all of us and for all the warriors that are out there that continue to lift the immigrant voice and give voice inform a cause that sometimes has gone unacknowledged and unvalidated. today is an in incredibly victorious day. we are going to claim victory on this. we are going to work to
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get this passed. i want to say hello, thank you, waned need you and applaud you and thank you for being at the table. [ applause ] >> we have two other colleagues who would like to say a few words. mr. campos. >> thank you mr. president. i will be brief. i think that what this defense committee has been about goes to the heart of who we are as a country. we are a country of immigrant and by fighting to protect the rights of immigrants who often are a group that is marginalized and you are doing so at a time when it's unpopular to do so whether it's the undocumented youth policy that we worked on and to new phase to fight for civil
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rights that supervisor avalos is sphere heading and to see the cross collaboration and the fact that it's not just the defense committee, but the defense committee working with domestic violence community working and working with other communities is a testament to how great and powerful this movement is for civil rights is in the city and county of san francisco. thank you very much. >> [ applause ] let me acknowledge our final colleague to speak. supervisor mar. >> i wanted to thank you also for organizing action where women are in the leadership and women from immigrant communities speak for themselves as well and that building of multiethnic unity within the rights community. i want to say from the 80s period there is this tradition, even before it, but from the no human being is illegal campaign
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to the struggle for a city of refuge and a city of sanctuary for our city. the leadership from the bottom up from the grass roots organization has been really significant and i'm very proud to have been a part of this as well. you carry on that tradition as we fight to empower immigrants with comprehensive but humane and just immigration reform. thank you for always standing for principles and for having such a strong voice within our immigrant rights community here but also on a national level, thank you. [ applause ] just to close it off, supervisor avalos. >> one last statement, thank you for making us accountable. >> i would like to ask those from the immigrant defense committee to please stand up. [ applause ]
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thank you so much supervisor, avalos for this recognition and all of you for your courage and taking the leadership from immigrant communities and as you mentioned the san francisco defense committee came together at a critical time in our city where undocument youth were being turned over without having a day in court and without being able to inform their parents that they were taken in. listening to the needs of the community to pass the policy that supervisor campos spoke about. we this i that the city of san francisco has always been a national
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leader because of the willingness to work with community members and with the community based organizations and to really listen to that voice and i want to thank you for continuing that tradition and continuing to partner with us and to continue to bring change about and san francisco and to continue to be a leader really nationally on immigrant rights and human rights and in a democratic process is truly democratic like it is here in san francisco. we want to thank you on behalf of the san francisco immigrants and this committee and everybody who is here and continues to work hard for the rights of all people. [ applause ] >> thank you. thanks to all of our colleagues for their presentations today and all the members of the public who have
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come to help cherish our come accommodations and awardees. madam clerk please call item 35 and 36.: cleshg cleshg health service system plans and contribution rates calendar year 2014. health service trust fund. >> madam clerk please call item 71. >> urging chaosing to immediately begin negotiating a fair and pricing model that provides fee and transparency to report back to the board of supervisors on progress of the
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negotiations. >> supervisor ferrel? >> thank you president chiu. colleagues we are here to discuss the contribution health plan for city employees and retirees. i know this has garnered some controversy in the past few weeks and something i have been involved in for a number of months now and thanks for raising issues and pushing the dialogue forward. i hope we are at a place to fight for greater transparency from the city's health care providers that we are doing collectively as a board and i will continue to lead a fight on and also to move this item forward so we don't jeopardize the vital services for 10s of thousands for our employees. i think it's important to note that
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specifically health care plan blue shield has been voted on a full package. this is for all system active and retired members in the county of san francisco, unified school district, city college as well as superior court. a few comments on kaiser. i believe that we can all agree that kaiser has not been as forthcoming in the past with data backing up their rate increases. i do believe that it is important to note that kaiser does remain the lowest cost provider among the three medical plan options. in regards to rate increase, i do think it's worthwhile to note that despite some of the dialogue in the last few weeks that the sfh board recommended in approving these rates. more
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potentially in not approving the rates today that people's health care and lives are at stake today with this vote. if we don't was this, thousands of people will be forced to move doctors and primary care providers and so forth. as well if we don't pass it out by next week, on second reading we do jeopardize open enrollment and other issues with regards to beginning this system. i do want to recognize my colleagues supervisor mar and avalos for discussion over the last few weeks. a number of unions involved in these discussions and questions and i want to recognize, i see a number of the health board here and i don't know if i'm missing someone, but i want to thank them as well as as the staff, the incredible staff that i'm
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learning to appreciate more everyday from our health care system. i know gray sacs is back there and a special thanks to catherine day to kath -- dodd who has been instrumental in our health care system and one of the most effectual leaders in our city departments of driving a real meaningful change in terms of our health service rates for our current and retired members. catherine has been on medical leave for a number of months now. very pleased to hear that things are going well. catherine we missed you so much at the service board. i want to thank you for being here today. i know it's such an important matter for you and i want to thanyo